Boutique law firm

We are a boutique law firm based in Paphos, Cyprus and our area of focus is business related legal fields. We are driven by innovation and believe that in order to provide tailor-made advice and services at the highest level, it is crucial to understand the needs of our clients in the ever-evolving global business world.

About us

We focus on being able to provide swift and clear advice and provide support on every step of your activities, both legal and procedural.

Our vision is to understand the business operations of our clients, enabling us to provide tailor-made advice.
We strive to remain informed about new technologies and innovations and we build lasting relationships on our clients, based on integrity and our fostering of a culture for growth.

Practise areas

Some of the services we provide with integrity and precision.

Real Estate

Immigration services

Employment Permits

Non-domicile status

Tax planning

Corporate & Commercial


Wills & Administration

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